Selling your home with Potter’s

Selling your home can be a daunting process. There are so many different factors to deliberate over, but of course, preparation is vital as you lay the groundwork in anticipation of a successful sale.

From selecting an estate agent you know you can trust, preparing paperwork, and staging your home, every decision you make counts, and the more attention to detail you pay, the more you will benefit.

How to choose the right estate agent

A strong working relationship between an estate agent and seller is essential for a smooth, stress free property sale.

Excellent estate agents are passionate about their role and always work with their clients’ best interests at the forefront of their minds. Selling a home can be stressful for many, so an agent that offers a bespoke, friendly service is essential.

Besides personal attributes, agents must be up to date with changing industry trends and have excellent local knowledge.

Being raised and having made our homes here, you can be sure of our extensive knowledge of the Suffolk area.  We have over 120 years of experience and know the area inside out!

Consider the visibility of your estate agent

Firstly, it’s important to consider just how visible the agent is in your local area. The more integrated and active in the community, the more likely they are to have excellent contacts and an existing rapport with their audience – that’s home movers – which is hugely beneficial to you.

Word of mouth

How do you get on with the agent when you meet or talk? Do you feel comfortable? Are they friendly? How your agent acts with you is likely to be how they will act with potential buyers!

Although online reviews are a great place to start, personal accounts of experiences are often the best way to find the most honest evaluations. If you know anyone in the area who has recently sold their property, their experience can be a great way to tell if the agency will be right for you. You can also use social media and other online forums to seek honest, unbiased reviews.

Beware of over-valuations

It can be tempting to sign with an estate agent that has valued your property way above the average. However, a ridiculously high valuation can be a huge barrier to reaching genuine buyers. 

So, you should always consider multiple valuations! Get a range of valuations from a selection of local estate agents, not only to ensure that different agents’ figures are not worlds apart but also so that you can find the average.

You should consider other factors too – most importantly, your relationship with the agent. Consider whether you feel that they understand your needs and you are comfortable working with them to get your property sold.

Estate agency fees

Estate agency fees are often intricate and can vary widely. Ensure you conduct a thorough investigation of the financial implications of hiring your chosen agent. Subject to contract.

At Potter’s, we care about our clients. Right from instruction, we are immediately invested in our client’s journey at our own expense.

We invest in our clients and their homes by providing professional photography, a detailed floorplan, video and 3D virtual tours as standard and free of charge with every home whatever the size or price.


The very best estate agents will take your needs, considerations and desires and balance them with their understanding of your target market. Before hiring an estate agent, it is crucial to know how they conduct viewings and if they are available to accompany every appointment.

To get the most viewings and encourage a quick sale, availability at evenings and weekends is imperative.

Inspect their history

Viewing other properties that the estate agent has recently sold will give you a good indication of whether they are the best fit for you. Consider whether their area of expertise is with properties like yours. If they specialise in homes in a vastly different price bracket to yours, they may not be attracting the right clientele to result in a quick sale.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Do not be afraid to make detailed enquiries into the estate agency and find out everything you need to know. The best estate agents will be more than wiling to give you all the information you require, which is the best way to start a genuine and honest business relationship.

After-sales liaison and sales progression

A good agent will offer feedback after every viewing, keep you up to date with progress before and after an offer and ensure they liaise with your conveyancer regularly.

If you are contemplating a move, the best starting point is to get an idea of the market value of your property. We are always happy to visit at a time to suit and give you our professional opinion.

There is no charge or obligation, and any discussions we have are in complete confidence. Just get in touch to start the ball rolling.