Discover autumn colours- what flowers to look out for

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Jumping in crunchy leaves, discovering shiny conkers and enjoying invigorating fresh air with family and friends — autumn is here for us all to explore. While you stroll through the seasonal spectacle of oranges, reds and golds outdoors in nature or in your very own garden, make sure to keep an eye out for these late blooming autumn beauties. 


Blooming prolifically from late summer until the first frosts, dahlias are the glamorous stars of the early autumn garden with their myriad colours and forms. 

From the thousands of varieties trialled at Dyffryn in Wales in the early 1900s, to Agatha Christie’s collection, planted at Greenway in Devon during the 1950s (the flower even featured in one of her murder mysteries), dahlia’s have a fascinating and deep horticultural history and is featured in many of Britain’s gardens. 


Autumn Colchicums appear from August to October, and give a bluish hue to flowerbeds. They’re commonly called ‘naked ladies’ because they can appear without foliage.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese Maple tree gives a pop of true red colour to gardens at this time of year and can create some peaceful shaded areas in the afternoon autumn sun. 

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Michaelmas Daisies

Autumn asters produce masses of long lasting, daisy-like flowers and are a great perennial plant for a sunny mixed border, as well as an important source of nectar for the insects in autumn. 


The magenta pink that nerines bring to gardens is enough to brighten any cold autumn morning- these are long-lasting autumn blooms popular with many gardeners.